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As some might know if you’ve read “about me”, I am anti-vaccine… We fight the flu naturally along with other diseases and sicknesses.
Within the past couple of weeks I have had a handful of people ask me for links to vaccine information. I have been sending this info through emails. I decided to post the info here on my blog so that all I need to do is give  people the link to this post. This also enables me to add  links when I come across them.  I will do my best to keep this as organized as possible, wish me luck!
Please also understand that some of this is fact, while some is opinion. I do recognize this. I do NOT need you to point this out to me.
One other thing… This is the information I have. I am just posting this. Obviously I am ‘anti-vaccine’. I do not expect anyone to agree with me. This is my stand & I will stand firm so there is no need to argue against me – I will not change my mind. Feel free to state anything you want in a comment box… but most likely I will not respond.
I also want to make it clear that I am in no way putting down any parents  who do vaccinate their children. This is only my personal stand… and anyone who wants the information that I have come across –  here  it is. 

SITES TO SIGN UP FOR: (email subscription) Most of these sites have a search box. Make sure to type in ‘vaccinations’ and read all that comes up.
LINKS: On every site you end up on, there are more links to click. Take advantage of this & read everything you come across. The more knowledge the better!
VACCINE PAGES  ON FACEBOOKThese pages post very informative information daily. When you go to these pages, find their list of links. There are MANY links to read through. Also read through their discussion boards. You can find many answers to your questions & even post questions of your own.
YouTube Channels:
Google Videos: When you watch these videos, be sure to look over to the right hand side and view the other videos. Also view the videos below the actual video.
Other Information:

 Here is Part  1  of  “The Dangers of  Vaccines” – be  sure to watch all the parts!

{Note: I will continually add  links to this post as I find them, so if you are interested then be sure to stop back periodically}
The flu shot “recommended” for pregnant women contains 25 micrograms of Thiomersal, which is 49.6% ethylmercury.
Here is what the USP Thiomersal Material Safety Data Sheet says:
The flu shot “recommended” for pregnant women contains 25 micrograms of Thiomersal, which is 49.6% ethylmercury.

(This is hard to view – just right-click & ‘save as’ into your computer so you can zoom in to read it.)
Pregnancy comments:
Reproduction studies in rats and rabbits have shown increases in fetal deaths in animals given thimerosal.
High levels of mercury in pregnant women may cause developmental problems in the fetus.
I personally believe Vitamin D is very important during flu season. I will post some links of what I have read… Here is one for now – I will post more as soon as I get a free moment!


  1. I'm anti vaccine too! Eva is 1 and hasn't had anything. My other kids had it when they were older and when I thought they were going to go to school.

  2. I wish I was able to do it from the begining! With my 3 older ones I did not know I even had a choice. When I was pregnant with my 4th, I had heard talk of the dangers of vaccines… but was not knowledgable enough. I did skip the hep. B shot in the hospital at her birth though. But after that I kept on schedule until her 1 yr shots. After that – I am DONE! At her 1 yr shots I was very

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