Are Vaccines Safe?

I thought I would share this. I found all this information very interesting.

Are Vaccines Safe?

For any other info on vaccine danger see my post on Vaccines.


  1. Ahh, fascinating. Personally, methinks vaccines are XXXXXXXX.
    As in, I’m not for them. At all. 😀
    [And thank God, my parents got knowledge about the truth of vaccines when us kids were little.]

    Just a note: Do you think you could go into your comment moderation and take of this word verification thingy?? ‘Tis kind annoying.

  2. I’m sorry, but I watched the whole video and I think it has little to no crediblity.

    First of all, Autism has NOT been linked to vaccines. The 1 study linking them has been retracted because of poor scientific method!

    Second, yeah the number of vaccines has gone up since 1950, but have you seen the childhood mortality rates since then? We must be doing something right!

    Third, well child visits are NOT just for vaccines. Do you take your children to well-child visits? Because according to this video, if you’re not vaccinating, there’s no reason for them.

    When Adam was born, I was concerned about vaccines and I did some research. In the end, after weighing pros and cons, I decided that vaccinating my child was best not only for him, but for society at large.

  3. Each parent is entitled to their opinion – I happen to disagree with yours & that is why I have my post on vaccines:
    I do believe this is all correct. I believe it is more risky to vaccinate rather than not to vaccinate.
    I am not asking anyone to agree with me – this is my stand.

    Thanks for reading & commenting. Have a great day 🙂

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