More New Things To Try

 I recently started a couple of new things:

1) ‘Post It Note Tuesday’ – which is a fun post on Tuesdays DUH using post it notes. Kinda fun.

2) ‘Life In Him’ – which is a bible verse I was going to try to post most days. Instead I am going to only do this on Monday’s. This is a good way to start off the week. (This one is more for me than anyone else)


I have stumbled onto a couple of new ones I am going to try.  

“Wordless Wednesday” I found at “That 22 year old Housewife”. This is just a photo. No words. On Wednesday. Go figure 🙂

I also just found “Thankful Thursday” at… at… Hmm, I read too many blogs. I forgot where I found this one at. If any of you know – post me a comment. In the mean time I will keep looking.
Another one… “Flashback Friday” where I will post an O.L.D. photo of myself & explain a little. I found this fun idea at “Christopher and Tia’s” and also at “Mrs. Muffins”.

So now I have something to post on Monday through Friday. Any random thing I am going to ramble/complain/brag about I will just post in between.

OH! And one more thing I thought was cute! “A Quote of the Week” I saw at “Letters Arranged Into Words” I am going to do this too. It will be towards the top of my blog somewhere.

I don’t know if I am going to be keeping this up, but I am going to try. I usually write in my ‘Live Writer’ super late at night and set a publish date & time for the right time & day. I am just too busy to write at the right time.

So stay tuned! This should be fun!

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