This house/MIL’s complaining

I know I complain too much about  her. On good days I tell myself, “You should be more thankful” – “Thank God you have a home so cheap”… but then there are ALLLL the other days. The days when she comes over. And she never comes over for anything EXCEPT to cause trouble. When she is bored at home, she comes here to see what she can stir up.

Sooo… last week she comes by. We are all outside already. She stands in our driveway for about 30 min. ranting & raving at me about how horrible the yard looks. Actually what she said was this, “If Michael doesn’t get the weed wacker & cut down those weeds by those bushes…then ya’ll can find a new place to live, because ya’ll are making this place look like white trash! It has NEVER looked THIS bad before!” Hmmm… really? REALLY?!? DO YOU WANNA GO THERE?!? Ok lets look at the evidence: First lets hava lookie at those horribly tall weeds around the bushes:

Ok well I am sooo sick & tired of being threatened EVERY time she somes over. Geeez I don’t know how Mike dealt with her his whole life!! I mean – I didn’t like my parents when I was young so I moved out when I turned 18. (of course then I liked them). But geeez if I was Mike – I woulda ran as far away from her as I could!

So I am sooo angry about her calling us white trash considering the work we have done around here. And what I mean by that is – I already KNOW we are NOT white trash so I don’t even care about that. What I DO care about is her using these words at us when it comes to THIS HOUSE! This house was sooo horrible when we moved in. She had not lived here in about 2 years when we came in. It was so bad. If any of you have seen that show called “Horrders” – that is what this house was like. Mike & I filled up 1 dumpster. And we could have used 2, but she wouldn’t let us get rid of her stuff. So it is piled high in our basement for now. We actually have a little corner w/our couch & tv. The kids go down there to watch tv. Her stuff is also is in our closets, cabinets & drawers. Oh and the garage too. So here are some painting photos to show what we did so far. First shot is us washing her smoke off of the ORANGE CEILING. And then you will see the drippings of the smoke dripping from the ceiling down the walls. YUK!! 
SEEEE what I am talking about? I am NOT exagerating! It was BAD! And SHE has the nerve to tell US that WE are making this house look bad? Are you KIDDING me?!? Here are a couple more photos of the process of painting:

Do you see in the left picture the markings on the wall where we had started cleaning it? YUK. And the picture on the right – If you look at the left wall down at the bottom – do you see the square on the wall where a picture was hanging? OMGooooosh!!! Again – YUK!! Ok here is the livingroom after it was finished – but before I had hung any of our pictures/shelves. (I love shelves)

Not so bad I think! I gotta take a few shots of the other walls. They are an off white – they match the lamps. And the room looks even sooo much better with everything up on the walls. Oh and curtains that are NOT orange 🙂 Here is a short clip of how it turned out with our things up on the walls:
CLICK HERE! That will have to do for now until I figure out how to make the actual video show up. This video was shot before we were really finished decorating the walls… but good enough to get an idea. (I will fix this clip soon)

Now on to the bathroom. This room is not done yet. I do have the ‘before’ pictures though. This room too is stained with smoke. And her belongings are still in the cabinets below the sink & behind the mirror. Unfortunatly it is so disgusting that I can not bring myself to box it up. Everyone keeps saying that. “Box it up”. But UGGG!!! It is so disgusting! We have OUR belongings in 2 boxes in the bathroom. Which really sucks because that bathroom is the bathroom that will be used for guests (someday) and is also the ‘kids’ bathroom. It’s just not right that we have these boxes in there. I pray everyday that some guest does NOT need to use the bathroom!! I don’t want ANYONE in there until it is fixed up. I have the floor (wood) ready to be put in. Right now she has CARPET down!! YES – I SAID CARPET!! IN THE BATHROOM!! I have never heard of something so stupid!! It stinks so bad! It is sooooo dirty! I hate it! I have a runner that I put down so none of us has to walk on the dirty carpet. It’s awful!
Sorry for the bad quality – but you get the idea…carpet. YUK. Here is a shot ofher mess & the smoke drippings coming off of the wall. Oh and the toilet. Get a good look…

Do you see the dirty carpet under the sink area? And the toilet. Did you get a good look? When we first got to the house she brought me into the bathroom to “show me something” – the toilet. She wanted me to “learn” how to screw these screws back tight again when they become loose (from the rot). AM I THE ONLY ONE THIINKING, “H-E-L-L-O!!!! BUY A NEW FRIGGIN TOILET SEAT!!! They are only 15 bucks at Walmart!!!” WTHeck is wrong with her brain? And like I said – she has not lived in this house in over 2 years. October will be 3 years so WHY does she need these things in the cabinets? Everytime she comes over she says to me, “Danielle, here is some conditioner for your hair you can use. It’s really good. I bought it off of the television and I ‘gave’ alota money for it”. OOOO-MMM-GGGGoooosh do you REALLY think I am gonna put something in my hair that is THAT OLD?!? OH HECK NO!!!

 Not to mention another issue. Everyone says, “Box up her crap and put it in the basement w/everything else of hers” – well easier said than done! Let’s just say… we lost a spoon. A silver spoon. Like the kind of spoon that we all eat cereal with. Yeah. We lost it. She knows we lost it. It was special. I guess. So there is no way I am touching her stuff. She has her stuff in our closets. ALL of our closets. The upstairs coat closet, 3 bedroom closets. And the kitchen cabinets. She emptied some of the kitchen cabinets for us & 2 drawers. We ended up emptying 2 more drawers and that is where we went wrong. (the spoon issue) So things like this we are stuck with:
This is her stuff. Cluttered everywhere. If we touch it & something goes wrong – we get kicked out.
How exhausting! I have some nice pictures to add – but I gotta go. My TIME Naptime is over & kids are coming in from school. I will post more pictures. The better pictures. I guess this was just like therapy for me. It is so frustrating living here with her constant complaining & threatening.

But this house is coming along. Slowly but surely. Maybe I will post a few short video clips of the rooms around here so our work can be seen better. Along with maybe a basement shot. We will see.

I hope someone tells me that WE are not the one’s who makes this house look bad 🙂


  1. o….m…G?!?! Seriously! How terrible of your MIL! I am SO sorry! This is NOT your fault! Wow!

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