… Not so sure of this whole ‘blogging thing’?!?

I don’t ‘blog’. I read ’em – I just don’t write ’em. So I guess I will give it a go. I will probably just use this as a “dear diary” type thing, to help me get things off my chest and out of my brain. (I think too much) My brain is more interesting than my daily life, lol.

On top of that – I can asure any reader that my life is boring. So any typical day only consists of me waking up, doing mommy things, and going to bed. I am not complaining. I am living my life feeling complete everyday, which is better than alot of people have it. I wouldn’t change much about my life if I could.

I am guessing I will write about my family, my baby Graice’s milestones, my progress on ‘my’ house (which isn’t mine), church troubles and probably things associated with topics (and/or HOT topics) I am passionate about like Jesus & bible things. I love studying the bible – I could never get bored, there is always something new to learn.

Until next time…

…if there is a next time ;p


  1. yayy, welcome !

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