Prayer Request (for me)

Pray, Pray, Pray!!!

I went to the ER last night with contractions.

Thank God I was not dialating.  They checked me for dehydration too, because I had the flu on Monday.  I was good there too.  BUT…they put me on “un-official” bedrest until Monday when I go back to the doc.

PRAY that my body & our baby cooperate!!!!  At least until this baby can live on it’s own!! 

Also PRAY that I do NOT get put on any kind of bedrest!!!!!!  My paycheck is what pays the bills!  Mike gets SO MANY deductions that he has a MINI paycheck by the time everything comes out: insurance, child support, taxes, retirement, union dues!  My paycheck is the big one so we can NOT afford for me to be put on bedrest!!!

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